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This week has been a magical week. We have been very excited about our trip but the magic didn’t start there for us; it started on Monday afternoon when one of the characters from the book ‘A Boggle in Bewilderwood’ came into our class at lunchtime and stole some of our shoes! In the story ThorneyClod (a huge spider) steal shoes and hangs them on the FarTree, luckily for us ThorneyClod sent us a letter letting us know that the FarTree wasn’t too far away at all and in fact it was in the school grounds so off we went to find our shoes. The children were very excited and used the clues dotted around the school site to find our FarTree. This made the story come to life for the children and made them look forward to the trip that little bit more. Our trip to Bewilderwood was “the best trip ever!” according to the children, we went to all of the places spoken about in the book and had a real adventure. I think you can see from the photos how much the children enjoyed their trip and were able to link this to the story with ease.

Oh wow! What an amazing day we have had on our People Who Help Us trip. When we arrived at Hunstanton we had a competition to see who could see the sea first. When we met the lifeguards we were split into two groups, the first group went into the garage to see the lifeboat. We learned so many amazing things! We found out that a huge tractor is used to pull the boat out onto the water but the lifeguard told us that sometimes when the tide comes in the tractor can be submerged and they have a hatch at the top to escape. The children were very lucky to be able to actually go on the boat. They discovered all of the seats, different buttons and equipment used to rescue people when they are stranded. We then moved on to the hovercraft, the lifeguards told us when the hovercraft would be used instead of the boat and told us some stories about when they have been on a rescue mission before.


When the groups swapped over we then went into the beach hut and learned all about the different types of warning flags and a song to help us keep safe if ever stranded ourselves. The funniest part of our day was when the two lifeguards had a race to see who could get their rescue kit on quickest. After we had said goodbye we went on to have a picnic, the children really enjoyed this and were talking about their visit.


We then got back on the bus to go onto our next destination – the Fire Station. When we got there the crew told us all about the equipment on the fire engine and let us hold the thermal imaging camera which we all thought was really cool, they then let us have a look in the cabin of their fire engine! We were so excited to sit in it and see all the controls and computers they have inside the cabin. I think our favourite part of the day was when we got to hold the hose and spray water – some of us even aimed it at the adults! Once we had all had a go it was time to leave, we all said thank you and came back to school.

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