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Class Two (2014 - 2015)

Hi there, and welcome back to Term 5 - yes, Term 5!! Where does the time go?
I hope you all had a super Easter break - especially cracking the eggs and disposing of them!! We are nearing the end of yet another academic year, but still have lots of learning and skills to develop! The children have an interesting and exciting timetable this term, with lots of varied activities throughout the new curriculum.

In English, we are looking at the different features of Adventure Stories and will be describing main characters, settings and plot developments, using extracts and clips from children's adventure films. The last two weeks of term will be used to study some of the poetry of Christina Rossetti and for the children to compose their own poems in her writing style. Please send in your children's favourite poems/poetry books to share with the class!

Our Maths learning this term will be centred on your children using their knowledge and skills of the 'four rules' to solve one and two-step word problems including 'everyday events'. We shall continue to practise our times tables and will concentrate this term on the 3x, 6x, 4x and 8x tables. This will be used to help develop and sharpen your child's mental maths skills and further develop their understanding of a range of mathematical vocabulary.

This term, we have lots of exciting topics and investigations to look forward to as part of our new curriculum. In English, we will be studying Aesop's Fables, thinking about the 'morals' behind them. The children will be learning about Aesop and the features needed when writing their own version of a 'modern-day' fable. We will then move on to a shorter unit looking at 'persuasive' writing and end the term studying the style and poetry of Eleanor Farejohn.


Maths this term will involve using different methods to add and subtract numbers. The children will be able to apply this knowledge to find solutions to simple, everyday word problems. They will also continue to learn the number facts for times tables in order to further develop mental skills and agility.

Our science learning this term, will be comparing different habitats and the range of plants and life forms found there. The children will learn how animals, plants and organisms survive and adapt to their habitats.

Our class topic is, 'We live in the U.K.' and is our geography unit this term. We will be looking at and comparing the four countries which make up the United Kingdom, using atlases, IT and other resources to help support our learning.

In R.E. we will be looking at the 'special' books of different religions and hope to organise a combined class visit with the pupils from Fleet.



Learning in class 2

Learning in class 2 1
Learning in class 2 2
Learning in class 2 3
Learning in class 2 4
Learning in class 2 5
Learning in class 2 6
Learning in class 2 7

Welcome to Term 2 and the exciting run-up to Christmas!
In English this term we are finding out the structures and features of traditional tales. Children will be looking at characters, settings and plot. They will have the opportunity to dramatise, developing their speaking and listening skills and their performance. We then move on to report writing and will compare and investigate this with other types of writing. Where possible, this will be linked to our topic and science subjects. Towards the end of term, we will be creating different styles of poetry, including the 'haiku' and 'tanka'. As of last term, weekly spelling lists will be handed out on a Monday to be learnt throughout the week for a test on Friday. Your support with this is most welcome - thank you!

In Maths, the children will move on to measurements of different units, comparing, estimating and calculating using mathematical vocabulary. There will be weekly mental maths tests to develop mental strategies.


In science, we are continuing with plants in our environment and looking to plant bulbs and winter flowering plants in our outdoor areas.


In R.E. we are continuing with the Islamic faith as well as looking at different festivals from different cultures. Included in this will be the festival of Christmas.


Music will include investigating and composing simple 4-beat rhythms and naming common notes and rests, in addition to learning songs and hymns for our Christmas Production - 'The Creepy Crawly Christmas' - can't wait!!


Mrs Holgate is currently holding weekly Choir sessions on a Thursday lunchtime - all welcome!  Mr Withers will be teaching gymnastics and the children are learning dance/movement in weekly class sessions.


Thank you for all your continued support in your children's learning.  If any parents wish to come into school, they are very welcome please see the class teacher.  I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a relaxing break.





Pictures of this terms learning

Pictures of this terms learning 1 This Term's learning
Pictures of this terms learning 2
Pictures of this terms learning 3
Pictures of this terms learning 4
Pictures of this terms learning 5
Pictures of this terms learning 6
Class 2

Welcome to Class 2 and yet another exciting year in the education of your children at Holbeach Bank Primary School.
Mrs. Holgate is the class teacher with a mixed class of year two, three and four children.


In English, we are studying different types of non-fictional writing, including letters, instructions, invitations, etc. Our class story this term is 'Picasso Perkins' by Adele Geras, linked to our topic on 'Artists'. The children will learn colours and simple greetings in French sessions and in science, learn about plants and growth.

Children will be encouraged to develop their all-round independence.

In Maths, we will be learning about place value and the children will have the opportunity to add and subtract numbers in different ways. We will be learning times tables facts to use in calculations of word problems and developing mental maths skills through weekly mental maths tests.

Our Religious Education will be divided between Christian Harvest celebrations and an introduction to Islam. In addition to this, we will be sharing stories from the Old Testament as part of our class assembly.

There will be two physical education sessions a week, taught by Mr. Withers and Mrs. Louie, with Mrs. Holgate's support. In IT sessions the children will be learning computing skills through practical investigations in animation.

Should any parent/carer have any free time, they are most welcome to come into school to share their expertise in the classroom. Should you have any worries or questions about 'life in class 2', please come in and have a chat!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
We have been using apparatus to help us learn place value.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
As part of our topic on artists we created our own interpretations of Van Gogh's famous sunflowers.  We used different art media.  More pictures from our art gallery to follow at a later date.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
The children made "dream catchers" to describe their own dreams and targets for their new term.  They learnt about their origin and the reason why they are made.