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Spring Term - Food

In the spring term, the topic of study in class 3 is 'Food' - which is a very exciting topic linking our Design and Technology skills with geography to find out all about food from around the world.


Over the Christmas break each child in class 3 spent time making excellent two course food projects out of a range of materials including clay, play dough, wool - to name a few.  They also made menus to describe their food projects - these can be seen in the picture slide show below.

GIST lorry visits school


On Monday 9th February a GIST lorry visited school and during our time with Mick and Charlotte we found out about the company, how the food logistics operation works and lots of information that linked to our topic of food.  We found this very interesting! We were also reminded about road safety and we learnt lots of infromation about how to cross a road safely, stay safe on the roads and remain safe especially around lorries; which is quite fundamental due to the nature of the rural roads of Lincolnshire and the number of lorries on our roads.

Bourne Prepared Produce visit


On Wednesday 11th February, class 3 were visited for the morning by Kelly and Jane from Bourne Prepared Produce.  Kelly and Jane spoke to us about the processing and packaging of food in their Bourne factory.  Bourne Prepared Produce deal with fresh food including fruit and salads; as well as noodles, stir fry and vegetables.


We were lucky enough to be able to find out how their factory operates, try on their special factory clothing, create a distribution line, taste and evaluate fruit based products and then create our own fruit based product for a new TESCO line.


We had a great time - take a look at our pictures below.


The fruit pots that each child designed with Bourne Prepared Produce