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What is SEND?

What is SEND?

  • SEND stands for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.   Special Educational Needs and Disabilities as defined in the Code of Practise 2014 states ‘A child has SEND where their learning difficulty or disability  calls for special educational provision, that is provision different from or additional to that normally available to pupils of the same age.’

There are 4 main areas;

  • Communication and interaction
  • Cognition and learning
  • Social, mental and emotional health
  • Sensory and/or physical development


Our SEND policy



What is a SENCo?

SENCo stands for Special Educational Needs Coordinator.  They are responsible for the day to day operation of the SEND policy.  


What does the SENCo do?

  • Supports staff
  • Makes referrals to outside agencies
  • Liaises with outside agencies
  • Liaises with parents
  • Providing the correct help and equipment for children
  • Make requests for statutory assessments


What is a SEND register?

This is a list of all children in the school who have special educational needs and/or a disability.  It holds information about when the child was first identified as having SEND, what area of SEND this is under, and if any outside agencies have been involved.

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