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Whole School Trip

Whole School Trip


On Thursday 22nd May 2014 Holbeach Bank Primary School was closed to the pupils because of the building being used as a polling station for the European Election, but instead of closing completely we moved our learning to a fantastic outdoor adventure centre.


All of the staff and pupils visit Bewilderwood in Norfolk for the day in order to explore the fantastic settings of the Tom Blofield 'Bewilderwood' books and had a fantastic time joinin the Boggles and Twiggles of the first book and trembling over the broken bridge, zooming along zip lines, shooting down slippery slopes (known to us as slides), building dens and holding on tightly as we ventured along dismal dyke in a boat towards Scaaarry Lake!


We had a fantastic time and look forward to learning about the rest of the books in class.

BeWILDerwood Displays

BeWILDerwood Displays 1 Meeting the characters before our trip!